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68.50M ADA

Lifetime Stake

9.20B ADA


68.00M ADA

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How Do I Set Up
A Stake Account?

It’s important to remember the role of a stake pool operator: to ensure reliable, 24/7 operation of a network node. As a stake pool operator, you have a responsibility to the ada holders who delegate to you but also to the health of the network itself. This requires a stable and reliable network infrastructure and, ideally, system operation and server administration skills along with experience in development and operations.

Anybody can learn how to operate a stake pool, but a degree of technical familiarity and knowledge is required.


Main problem of the
current market?

  • Formally Verified

    The Cardano platform has been designed from the ground up and verified by an industry-leading combination.

  • Secure, scalable, and interoperable

    Security is one of the founding principles of Cardano. As it is written in the functional language Haskell.

  • 3rd Gen portfolio

    Cardano is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach.

Our solution

Committed to the health and diversity of Cardano, stake pool operators (SPOs) act as the driving force of the ecosystem, being responsible for transaction processing and block production. Interested in running your own stake pool? Find out how to set up and operate a stake pool.

While Ouroboros is cheaper to run than a proof-of-work protocol, running Ouroboros still incurs some costs. Therefore, SPOs are rewarded for running the protocol in the form of incentives that come from the transaction fees and from inflation of the circulating ada supply.